Mission Statement

To provide the community with the highest quality diagnostic services, in a manner that is professional, personable, efficient and cost-effective.

Guiding Principles:

That all payments received for services rendered will be based upon actual services performed, providing well documented written evidence of treatment provided, according to existing, current reimbursement rules and regulations.

That we will seek to employ the highest state-of-the-art equipment, utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques to ensure our patients receive the very best treatments possible for their medical condition.

That we will promote a healthy lifestyle for all our physicians and staff, discouraging the use of tobacco products and unsafe practices, while encouraging proper eating, exercise and personal stress management.

That as an organization we will support and promote, as much as possible, environment friendly practices that do not contribute to actions that result in harm to our earth and its inhabitants.

That we hold all patient related information and documentation to be highly confidential and private, not discussing any patient-related information with anyone who does not need to know this information as part of the patientís medical or surgical treatment.

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